For how long have you been in the investment business and what is your career?

After earning a Master’s degree in Economics at Vilnius University, I began working for the Big 4 audit and consulting firm Deloitte, where I gained a great deal of practical business development experience.

I cultivated these skills further in the early 2000s by joining Microsoft and thriving during four years of challenge at the world’s biggest IT organization. The next step was a small but fast growing brokerage company where I held different positions of increasing responsibility over 10 years. This included a final six years as a Member of the Board.

At that point, I focused on a new project with partners – Vipro Markets, where I was appointed as Chief Executive Officer. Following the acquisition from the Tickmill Group, I maintained my position to the newly named Tickmill Europe.

Why have you decided to focus on investment-related work?

Investment is not just my job but also a serious passion for me. I have always had a very strong interest in generating profits from the market and understanding how the markets work to produce those profits. I also enjoy helping others succeed in finance and investment fields, no matter their current level of skill or knowledge.

For example, I wrote a book called “Forex 101” in 2008, which was published in many countries including Lithuania, Estonia, Russia and Vietnam. The goal was to share with beginners my experience in and knowledge of the forex and investment business.

I believe that my book was a success. Moreover, the principles of integrity and helping others, which I discussed at length in that book, are fully reflected in Tickmill.

What are the objectives of a serious brokerage company?

If they hope to succeed over the long term, every broker must be a SERVICE provider. Therefore, competition should be focused on the quality of service – not the quality of sales people who use various tips and tricks to attract rookies.

Only by truly adding value can a good brokerage company deliver results to every single client.

Moreover, quality of service means more than just technology, great execution and a smart professional support team. It is also about the entire customer life cycle, from identifying customer needs, providing good training and mentoring, managing risk expectations and assurance, and much more.

The key word we want every client to associate Tickmill with is ‘quality’. Inspect our trading conditions and you will see that our company does more than just promise – we truly do deliver

Our aim is to become one of the leading international brokers worldwide; as we continue to expand, we plan to increase our offerings and provide broader financial services to demanding traders.

What makes Tickmill Europe different from other brokers?

At Tickmill, we understand that a successful client is one who will stay with us for as long as possible. We genuinely want our clients to succeed. That is why we allow all trading styles
including news trading, scalping, and arbitrage, which are generally not allowed by many other brokers. The first priority for us is a satisfied trader.

I would also like to emphasize that a key element of making good things happen is the Tickmill team, which comprises many talented people who share the same principles of creating and fostering a positive work environment and ensure that this positive energy flows back to our clients.

I am proud to be associated with our very real level of transparency, ethics and standards as implemented at Tickmill

What is your preferred direction for business development?

Our ongoing business objectives are to provide clients with increasingly flexible pricing and to develop new products, especially for non-professional traders.

For example, we use the MT4 trading platform and we are planning to upgrade the functionality of this leading trading tool. Many customers seeking to invest do not apply reasonable risk management rules and in many cases lose money. Therefore, more advanced risk management is an area where we can help with this important problem.

Why did you decide to establish your company in Cyprus?

It is primarily because our team is international: I myself am originally from Lithuania and my colleagues are from different EU countries.

However, we needed a strong central base for Tickmill Europe from which to develop products and plan operations before taking advantage of our local strengths and knowledge.

Having that strong base enables our business to operate beyond Cyprus and the EU. This allows our dedicated managers to act decisively as key people developing business in particular countries and regions. Their knowledge of local markets is of critical importance in our industry and we can maximise their efforts by maintaining a centre of operations in Cyprus.

What are your most important objectives for Tickmill Europe as it goes forward?

We are constantly seeking better ways to deliver our services, primarily because we genuinely enjoy helping our clients succeed in trading. This means our company will continue to develop in all aspects including personnel, technology and business.

Over time, we are confident we will make an impact as the most trusted and preferred broker for demanding FX traders from all over the world. It will not be an easy task, but I am confident we have the right group of people and technology to make that mission a reality.