Achieve your stragetic objectives:

Tickmill Europe provides investors with sophisticated investment solutions including portfolio management to help them improve the efficiency of their investments. Our experienced money managers boast a proven track record in portfolio management
and are looking to bring new ideas to your portfolio to help you achieve your profit goals with a range of effective strategies.

Our portfolio management service comes in handy for clients who do not possess enough industry experience or do not have enough time to invest themselves, eliminating the hassle of managing forex accounts and creating extra value through effective diversification.

Benefit from:

  • Unlimited opportunities: Tap into the largest and most liquid market in the world
  • Strong industry expertise: We team up with first-class portfolio management consulting firms to develop robust investment strategies.
  • Professional approach: We build well-balanced investment portfolios that meet your goals and risk tolerance.
  • Full transparency: You can easily monitor your accounts and history of all transactions at any time.
  • Segregated accounts: All portfolio accounts are off balance sheet and will not be used by Tickmill Europe for its own purposes.

Competitive Conditions:

  • Minimum deposit 50,000 EUR or equivalent in other currrency
  • No Entry or Exit Charges
  • No Withdrawal fees
  • Performance fee of 30% on net profit
  • Fee applies only when net profits exceed the high-watermark

How it works

  1. Open a live account
  2. Fill in application form to request portfolio management service
  3. Take the suitability test and sign Portfolio Management agreement
  4. Fund your Investment Account
  5. Monitor the performance of your portfolio


Note: Portfolio Management results can be provided upon request. Please register your details in the below form.